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DDrawing is a very important means for the children to learn to express themselves and to relate with other people. Tux Paint, a program for the youngest of the house to draw as they wish, has been designed for them.

Tux Paint has multiple features which make it pleasant to the sight as well as functional. Among them, it is worth mentioning the incorporation of a great variety of instruments to create all types of graphics, such as brushes, seals, erasers, figures, lines and many others.

When using each of the tools, the application emits funny sounds. This is ideal to call the children’s attention and they will amuse while they create their images. Besides, the software has a wide variety of easy to implement effects which are of an amazing quality. It is possible to apply kaleidoscopes filters, lights, mirrors, colours, distortions and much more.

Tux Paint is the perfect utility for all those parents who look for a simple and amusing way to encourage the creativity of their children.

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