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If you are a fan of billiards, 3D Pool Game is for you. This game is a very accurate simulation of this fantastic sport.

Learn how to play like the big ones with 3D Pool Game. In this program you must be very precise to win because the trajectory of the ball and the direction of the shock are very real.

Furthermore, in 3D Pool Game you have three game types: limited time mode, where you have four minutes, the possibility of playing between two people and "Matrix" mode where the value of the ball entering the pocket is multiplied by a mathematical operation between the last balls and this back.

Finally, its graphics were developed with a technology that provides high quality resolutions.

Download this game and don't forget to practice!

Trial version Limitations:

- You can only use this software for a limited time.

- Some functions are restricted.

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Have Fun Playing Billiards Virtually Like It’s the Real Thing

By Renaley Jamir

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I play some games during my free time, whether puzzle, strategy, simulations on my PC or tablet, but not that much. When apps for pool games came out, I immediately tried them because I am a billiards fan! Some were good until I tried 3D Pool Game, which is much nicer. I’ve played the real thing for years that is why I was reluctant to try a virtual version of the game. What I like about 3D Pool Game, aside from the high resolution graphics is that it is precise and accurate. If you missed on the trajectory, acceleration, force, etc., then the ball will not enter the pocket. I can also select from three different game modes. I can choose to play with a time limit which is four minutes, compete in 2-player mode and finally, there’s a Matrix mode. The latter will divide or multiply your score depending on the last and previous balls you pocketed. Quite complicated for me that is why I usually just choose between the first two modes.

I have not had time to play pool that much that is why 3D Pool Game is a welcome alternative. It is also like practicing for when I get to play the real game again with my friends.


  • Very good precision and graphics
  • Three interesting game modes to choose from


  • Few minor bugs and glitches